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 on: Today at 01:22:02 AM 
Started by itp - Last post by itp
Hi all,

 I would like to know about the practical implementation of digital control of resonant converters. And also to know how to enhance frequency resolution by dithering.
Can somebody please share a practical implementation technique of  micro-controller based such converters.

Thanks & Regards.

 on: Today at 12:17:28 AM 
Started by Beltza - Last post by Marcustv
A new software version for the TL866 A and CS was released  6.71

 on: Yesterday at 04:08:24 PM 
Started by CocaCola - Last post by CocaCola
That works wonders,  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin  the book I want starts on page 26 of that double page scan (50 in the real text) of that double book edition!

Thanks for sticking with me as I did some research to figure out that they had scanned the book in as part of a double book edition and not as a single book...

And thanks again, I have been on and off searching for this book for about 2 years now and You (and Sonsivri) came to the rescue yet again on the hard to get stuff, even though this was entirely off topic...

**Edit**  Now it's to find the time and rebuilt the sloppy scans into something I can print and have ring bound and look presentable so I can enjoy it more...

 on: Yesterday at 03:53:04 PM 
Started by CocaCola - Last post by Gallymimu
try this:

Title:   A booke of fishing with hooke & line, and of all other instruments thereunto belonging. Another of sundrie engines and trappes to take polcats, buzards, rattes, mice and all other kindes of vermine & beasts whatsoeuer, most profitable for all warriners, and such as delight in this kinde of sport and pastime. Made by L.M.
Additional titles:   Boke of Saint Albans.
Author:   Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.
Other authors:   Berners, Juliana, b. 1388?
Imprint:   London : Printed by Iohn Wolfe, and are to be solde by Edwarde White dwelling at the little North doore of Paules at the signe of the Gunne, [1590]
Date:   1590
Bib name / number:   STC (2nd ed.) / 17572
Physical description:   87, [1], 88-93 p., folded plate :
Notes:   Publication date from STC.
Taken partly from: Berners, Juliana. Boke of Saint Albans. (STC 3309).
"A booke of engines and traps to take polcats, buzardes, rattes, mice and all other kindes of vermine and beasts whatsoeuer, most profitable for all warriners, and such as delight in this kinde of sport and pastime" has separate dated title page; pagination and register are continuous.
Imperfect; margins cropped, affecting imprint date and some pagination.
Reproduction of the original in the Harvard University. Library.
Copy from:   Harvard University Library
UMI Collection / reel number:   STC / 479:05

 on: April 22, 2018, 09:10:04 21:10 
Started by pickit2 - Last post by CocaCola
I rather suspect that the opposite is true.

If you Google around have been several benchmark comparisons, generally 32-bit software run on a 64-bit OS system is at best marginally faster, but sometimes marginally slower...  Essentially it's a wash for most 32-bit software...

I wonder how long it will be before Intel et al. see a dip in their revenue stream and release the increasingly pointless 128bit blunderbus.

I see nothing pointless about it, progress happens and although I love 8-bit CPU arcade games and enjoy 8-bit micros, I sure as heck would not want to be stuck using only 8-bit hardware exclusively in today's computing world...

It's hard to predict the computing future and I think the 64-bit will be mainstream for quite some time as the software and even hardware is far from exploiting its theoretical limits, that said 32-bit computers had their day, but the reality is they are no longer able to keep up with the demands of many  in today's computing world... I'm running 16GB of RAM on this laptop and wish I could cram more in as I can easily bog down the system and tax the RAM with just my daily multitasking if I don't pay attention, I can't even begin to imagine trying to run it with only 4GB...

 on: April 22, 2018, 03:39:28 15:39 
Started by mars01 - Last post by pickit2
I liberated a Adam201 from the workshop stores and never got to open the box.
it ended up at home, still in the box, I must dig it out.

at work we had 3 201's and a few video cameras on the cnc milling machines.
the repair benches used the video camera from a unused milling machine. 
with the software you had a crossair that you could mark a place on the board.
the users could do all kinds of magic.

 on: April 22, 2018, 02:01:57 14:01 
Started by Killo_Watt - Last post by Killo_Watt
NoteHobbyist and professional firmware and hardware engineer. Experienced with pic, avr and arm microcontrollers. I have worked on many projects both bare metal and rtos based. 

programming: C/C++
pcb design: Eagle, Altium
I want to share and exchange my knowledge with other experienced engineers and also help new starters.

 on: April 22, 2018, 11:20:10 11:20 
Started by thavali - Last post by maurer
Can anyone confirm that the Jlink EDU (full not mini) sold at Mouser is v9 or v10?
totally not trying to revive an old threadô

rs-components sell the v10

 on: April 22, 2018, 10:14:42 10:14 
Started by pickit2 - Last post by Porki
In work we are still using old systems PLC - Hitachi H702 series and serial displays Omron - DT021. For displays only DOS program to upload messages.... So there are in the firm 386 machine still with Win 98 and native com ports...

 on: April 22, 2018, 07:46:40 07:46 
Started by mars01 - Last post by mars01
Actually , the only time I saw lag on an external LCD (I don't use the builtin display at all, it's too small - I use an 24" external LCD) was when the ambient light was low and the Andonstar lights were not pointed toward the area where the camera was oriented.

Therefore, when the light that come to the camera is low, you'll get lag. But if the light is enough, there is no lag that I can see. If I have to do rework on a prototype, i have complete confidence in ADSM201.
I was asking about ADSM302 only because I was looking for something better not because ADSM201 was bad. DSM201 is enough for my needs but my life philosophy is that if I can get something better then I don't buy the lesser.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, others might see it differently.

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