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Author Topic: Adobe Photoshop CS3 with LightRoom AIO, With AutoPatch  (Read 2295 times)
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« on: December 18, 2006, 06:15:52 06:15 »

Adobe Lightroom is the complete, elegant environment for the art and craft of digital photography, from raw capture to creative output.

Or will be. Currently, Lightroom is not feature complete, we've got many more features to come. We will also be responding to customer feedback and providing regular beta releases. Please help us make this application the best it can be by sending us feedback, and participating in the discussion groups.

Thank you for helping us!

Basic Information
Launching Adobe Lightroom will bring you into the Library, which is the location for photo management activities. Once you've chosen the photos you want to work with, you can switch contexts using the Module Picker that is located on the top right of the screen. Selecting Develop will bring you to the Develop module where you can perform image adjustments, Slideshow will enable you to create slideshows for onscreen viewing and exporting, Print will provide you with many ways to set up your printouts, and Web can create Flash or HTML web galleries.
When you have imported your photos, they will be put into a "shoot" as displayed in the left panel in Library. Each photo can be in one and only one shoot. After importing, you can create collections in which photos can live in more than one collection. Alternatively, Quick Collection is a quick way to select your picks. You can quickly gather photos in the Quick Collection with the keyboard shortcut ( and view the Quick Collection either by clicking on Quick Collection in the Library panel, or using Command-B on Mac or Control-B on Windows.
The Filmstrip is the area located on the bottom of the screen and contains the photos that are selected in the Library (that appear in the Grid view). The filmstrip will remain populated with these photos throughout the other modules. Print and Slideshow will work only on selected photos. You can multi-select in either the Library before entering Slideshow, Print, or Web or multi-select in the filmstrip to add photos.

Minimum Requirements
- Macintosh OS 10.4 or higher
- G4, G5, or Intel processor
- 768 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
- 1 GB free HD space

- Windows XP SP2
- Pentium 4 processor
- 768 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
- 1 GB free HD space

Download Lightroom
Download one of the .dmg images and drag Lightroom to your Applications folder. One of the downloads is just the Lightroom application. The other download is the Lightroom application and sample content to jump start your Lightroom experience.

Download one of the installer files and run the Lightroom Installer. One of the downloads is just the Lightroom application. The other download is the Lightroom application and sample content to jump start your Lightroom experience.

Discussion Forum
Follow the links on the home page. The Lightroom product team will be participating as well.

Reporting Bugs
Follow the links on the home page. If for some reason your application starts to act oddly, it would be much appreciated if you could save off a copy of your preference file and your database file. (The database file is named Lightroom Library.aglib, and is located by default in ~/Pictures/Lightroom on Mac and by default in the Documents and Settings\My Pictures\Lightroom folder on Windows). Please email damaged library files to

New in Lightroom Beta 4
The toolbar now is based on a new design and can be hidden and shown using the T key (or the corresponding menu command in the View menu). Like many keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom, this one supports a "long press" behavior where the state of the toolbar is temporarily toggled, can be worked with using the mouse, and will then revert to its original state when the key is released if it has been held down rather than just pressed and immediately released.
The panels are based on a new design.
Panels can be used in a "solo" mode by option-clicking one of the panel headers. When in this mode (as signified by a different style of arrow next to the panel names), only one panel at a time will usually be visible. Opening a panel will automatically close the other panels in the same panel track.
Panels can be removed from the panel track. This is done by right-clicking (and control-clicking on the Mac) the header of any panel in a panel track and choosing the panel to hide or show from the menu.
Panel tracks now have a few different behaviors. Right-clicking (and control-clicking on the Mac) the bar on the side of the panel will give a menu with choices for Auto Show & Hide, Auto Hide, and Manual modes. The mode is remembered on a per-panel basis.
The font size used in the panels can be adjusted using the Interface tab of the Preferences window.
Progress feedback is now displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen, in the area normally occupied by the Identity Plate. Progress will only be observable here when the panel is not collapsed.

The filmstrip now sports a grid icon and a forward and back icon. The grid icon goes to the Library module's Grid vie

I then made an AIO with a self extracting exe to patch Photoshop to full version, no serial needed


I tested the patch with my already patched system, so after you run patch,
go into : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\AMT and delete application.sif

Here is lightroom in action, you don't even need photoshop when you have this, except toolbar.
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There is no evidence that I muted SoNsIvRi

« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2008, 05:12:39 17:12 »

this is how to down load from
register an account := / anything you want
fill-in reg and when it asks for zip/post code take one from your local phone/yellow pages, must be true
when you finish with reg, you are able to download, no waiting for e-mail
then look for crack Smiley

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