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Author Topic: Oldvan's true tele-scammer story.  (Read 1354 times)
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If the van is a Rockin'...

« on: May 04, 2009, 07:43:31 07:43 »

I despise telemarketers.  They call and try to foist useless junk on
me.  Even worse are the telescammers.  They call to supposedly “lower
the interest rate on your current credit card” or to warn me that my
automobile warranty is about to expire.

Today the phone rang and call ID said the call was from Opa Locka FL,
(305) 620-2238.  I know from past experience that calling that number
leads to a recording that the number is no longer in service.

I answered it, time to have some fun.  “…automobile warranty is about
to expire…this is your last warning before you are taken off our list.
Press 1 to speak to a representative, press 2 to be removed from our
call list.”  I've tried option #2 about eight times, they still call.
I'm guessing they are more aggressively calling those who actually
listened to their recording long enough to press 2.  I pressed one.

A pleasant young southern female voice greeted me, “How are you doing

I answered “I'm doing well.”

“Just to be sure we are talking about the same vehicle, could you give
me the vehicle identification number from your current vehicle” she

“Sure, where would I get that number?” I asked.

“It will be on your registration or our insurance ID card” she

“OK, let me go get it, I'll be right back.”

My phone has a call timer on it, and I spent the next nine minutes and
fifty seconds listening to the woman talk to her female co-worker.  I
learned that her Uncle, her Brother and her Mother all have birthdays
this weekend, and they planned to have a big party.  I also learned
that she was trying to lose weight and had lost almost eight pounds,
but felt her buttocks was no smaller for it.  I heard a male voice in
the background swearing vehemently at someone.

At about the four-minute mark it sounded like her supervisor came by
to prompt her into getting to work.  “Don't worry, I'm one call short
of quota for the week and I KNOW I'm going to score with this one,
he’s gone to his van to get me the VIN number!”

At about the nine and a half minute mark her co-worker suggested “I
think I’ve called this guy before, he’s just wasting your time.”  “No,
I'm sure I've got this one hooked!” she replied.

At ten minutes and a few seconds she inquired, “Are you there?”

I replied, “Yes, hi there!”

“Did you get the VIN number for me?” she asked.

I answered, “Well, I was right in the middle of something when you
called, so if you could help me finish real quick, then I can go get
the number.”

“Sure sugar, what do you need?” she inquired?

“Could you, uhhhhhhhhhhh, describe your breasts for me?” I sighed into
the phone.

“OH MY GOD!” She screeched and hung up the phone.

They haven't called back yet.  I look forward to their next call.


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There is no evidence that I muted SoNsIvRi

« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2009, 08:37:04 08:37 »

When I get telesales, I put the phone in a bucket and say, Do you have a problem with feedback.

A friend of mine tried to get in contact with a old girl/friend of his, after a while he was given a phone number of her place of employment, so he rang her, the phone was answered and he was told it was her day off, but she would be calling in to work later that day, and they would pass on a message, so he left his phone number.
He had to work that day, and when he got home he pressed 1471 (last number calling) and seen he had a call just after leaving for work. so he pressed dial last caller button (3) and was connected to a telesales operator.

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